5:30 pm Naturalization Ceremony  – Estrella Mountain Community College Conference Center

Join us for a moving ceremony where more then 50 people from all over the world become United States Citizens.  (Click here for more details)

Main Stage:

6:00 pm Tennessee Bloodhound & The Scooby Doos (Sounds from the South – Blues/Rock)

Larry Carr Jr. Was born in Nashville Tennessee 1976. Music has been part of his early childhood. His musical influences are Country, Motown, pop culture and early forms of Rap. His musical interest pan towards Blues, Pop, Alternative rock and Country. He continues to hone his musical skills as a student of the Anderson Institute of Music & Performing Arts and as a singer/songwriter with Skywalk Records. Larry is affectionately known as the “Tennessee Bloodhound” and performs throughout the West Valley of Phoenix. He released an EP Album worldwide in November 2017 and will debut a full album in February 2018.



7:00 pm Phoenix Aftrobeat Orchestra

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra [PAO] proudly carries the musical and social torch that was first lit by the powerful duo of FELA KUTI and TONY ALLEN, original inventors of the Afrobeat sound. Led by funky heiress Camille Sledge, the 16-strong orchestra is comprised of the most ambitious and outrageous musicians in Phoenix today – making it the hottest super-group on the hot city scene! Beginning with a strict repertoire comprised of classic Afrobeat music, PAO has now penned an abundance of original material that melds the eclectic heritage of the ensemble with that classic Afrobeat style. The outcome is a truly powerful sound that pays homage to the masters while maintaining a fierce individuality. Details of upcoming releases are in the works now, so keep your ear to the pavement.

From concert hall to street fair, fashion show to fundraiser, PAO has shared the stage with such musical icons as George Clinton and The Roots, as well as lesser-known masters as wide-ranging as Turkuaz and Morris Alan.

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster knows how to rock the scene when it comes to playing the Ultimate in 80′s Retro Music! This band covers songs from Billy Idol’s White Wedding to Cyndi Lauper’s Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun! Bring your friends, come and join the fun,  just maybe you’ll get an invite to get on stage to rock out your best 80′s dance!

With this band of highly talented musicians, you are always guaranteed to be on your feet at the BEGINNING of the night!  The main line up consists of Stephanie Foxx, Jessica Jackson, Dallan Baumgarten, John Colby, and Gary Sanchez.




Family Stage:  Sponsored by Anderson Institute of Music 

6:00 pm Ballet Folklorico Esperanza
Ballet Folklorico Esperanza is the dream of Al & Kathi Soria who wanted children to know their roots. Many countries have played a part in the dances of the Mexican

people. Ships brought slaves from Africa to the harbors of VeraCruz. Maximillan and Carlotta brought the Polka from Germany during their reign. Flamenco from Spain, the Minuet from France and lastly even movements from as far away as China. All these influences together make what is known today as “Baile Folklorico.”  Our goal is to teach da

nces from all the 32 states in Mexico as well as education in geography, culture, customs and language. We will enlighten all through our colorful and entertaining performances and be “positive role models for youth in our community”.  Classes are open to children from any ethnic background. Each student will perform as long as they have shown an interest and dedication to the art.

6:00-6:30 pm Ballet Folkloria (Dance from Mexico)

6:30- 7:00 pm Couzins (Sounds from China/Vietnam)

7:00-7:15 pm Take 5 (Sounds of USA)

7:15-7:40 pm Lunatiks (Sounds of USA)

7:40-8:00 pm AIM Dance (Dance from Italy, France, Germany, Spain)

8:00-8:15 pm Kenyon France (Sounds from Cuba/Latin America)

8:15-8:35 pm Paola Valdes (Sounds from Valenzuela/Colombia)

8:35-8:55 pm Hempstead (Sounds from Ireland/UK)

8:55-9:25 pm  Tennessee Bloodhound & The Scooby Doos (Sounds from the South)

9:25-10:00 pm Island style (Sounds from Hawaii/Philippines)

 Street Performances: 

A variety of street performances will be going on throughout the festival at various times.   Some of which families can participate in.  Performances include:

  • Kawambe-Omowale African Drum and Dance
  • Dynamic Wushu light up Chinese Dragon
  • Interactive Arial Performance by Kristin McCoy – kids and adults can participate with instruction by Kristin
  • Chinese Fire Performances by Jessica Packard
  • Middle Eastern Stilts Walking and Juggling by Brendan Hebert
  • Interactive Hula Hoop activity lead by Jessica Packard